3 Steps to Successful Auditions!

Learn these 3 steps to make audition anxiety a story of the past
and create new habits of success around your casting process.

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  • What runs your show?

    How your inner mindset runs the show. You can be as prepared as you want to be, if your subconscious mind is running a script telling you that you are not good enough, chances are that your audtions will more often than not be an uphill struggle. Learn how to read your own conditioning and how to rewrite that script!

  • Disconnect from stress

    In this video I share a simple yet powerful way to disconnect from anxiety, stress and even panic within minutes. Make sure you get this nder your belt before your next casting.

  • Turn the past into gold

    How come you rehearse your scripts, songs and dance routines, yet leave your mental state, behaviour and emotions up to a default setting that leaves you vulnerable? Turn past experiences into gold and pave the way for future events.