Change your beliefs - change your results!

... is a new technique with elements of hypnosis, kinesiology, inner child therapy, emotional balance help and much more to dissolve the unsupportive beliefs you hold about yourself, let go of self-sabotage mechanisms and to create new thinking patterns in order to take control of your mind. New results are often achieved very quickly. For instance Trance Coaching addresses the autonomic nervous system directly and results can range from rapid healing and happiness to more self confidence and more specific issues like overcoming fear and addictions, releasing trauma, or achieving financial freedom.
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"Gido treated me for a deep personal issue that had begun to hold me back in all areas of life. I felt an immediate improvement and was more than happy with the results. The miracle for me however was that during that session I felt a strange sensation in an area where a lump had formed and had been a medical concern for some time. The miracle being that by the end of the treatment the lump had completely vanished and to this day no longer exists. :)"

Actress / Dancer / Choreographer


“While most therapies involve a great deal of talking around the subject, Gido gets right to the point - with amazing and dramatic results. The healing began to happen for me from the moment I sat down. In the middle of our first session, some old blockages began to lift immediately, and changes continued to occur in the weeks that followed. I have never before experienced such an instant shift!”

H.R.M. , London

"There is no question that Gido's work has brought me an incredible amount of clarity in both my personal and professional life and he has brought my goals and ambitions that exciting step closer. His understanding of the way performing artists work is second to non and I would recommend his incredible workshops and one-on-one sessions to anyone who has a passion to satisfy and dreams to achieve. Gido has without doubt given me the tools to asses where I am happiest and set me on the track to living my full potential. My Life is Mine to Create."

Drew McOnie, London
Dancer / Choreographer