Angels of Forgiveness

Dear friends

Last night I was meeting a new friend of mine for a drink and we were sharing life stories and what we are passionate about and at some point he asked me how I made my transition from being a classical dancer into a musical singer to becoming a trance coach and helping people to change their beliefs about themselves in order to change their results. As I started talking I realised that some of my major set backs and even physical breakdowns have brought amazing and much wanted changes and shifts in life.
When I was a dancer at the Bavarian State Ballet I broke my foot during a dress run and in this time of recovery I discovered a whole new world out there, having had the ‘ballet-blinders’ on for most of life I only existed in the theatre environment. Suddenly there were friends from all walks of life and professions and in me awoke a feeling that I wanted something else from life, expand and use my voice and take another route. I healed my foot in no time and was back on stage in within 8 weeks dancing the part I was hoping to dance for years. But I had changed and had a new taste for more. So I followed my gut instinct and decided to quit and explore acting and singing, which took me into my next profession that I loved very much.

Years later I was told that the meniscus in my knee was ripped and that I needed an operation. Different doctors had told me that and yet I felt that this wasn’t true and I was utterly confused. One night I went to bed looking up at the ceiling screaming, that I needed an answer or some guidance now. At the time I was performing one of the leading roles in Cats and during the next days matinee I had to jump off a rather high piece of set and hurt my back, blocked my sacrum to be exact and could hardly walk to finish my show.

Our physio couldn’t really help me but interestingly enough a colleague had a friend watching that was introduced as a physiotherapist for dancers and a spine expert. She offered to take a look and I ended up lying on my bathrobe on my dressing room floor, doing exercises that I knew from my knee rehab. I told her that I have been doing this particular exercise because I’ve been told I had to operate my knee, but I felt unsure.
She just looked at me and said: “Don’t”. I beg your pardon? She continued very matter of fact: “I’m a clairvoyant and you don’t need an operation. Give me 2 weeks and your knee will be fine. The pain comes from your back, not your knees….”
Well… I was slightly stunned but I did ask for an answer just the night before, as I didn’t trust my gut feeling. This lady reintroduced me to energy healing and communicating with angels and whatever she did worked. 2 weeks later my knees were completely fine. What was interesting was, that during my first session I had a clear vision of treating other people in a similar fashion and for no apparent reason I got very excited. I believe because of these few weeks of struggling with my knees and my treatments with her I am doing the work I do today. I started exploring what else is out there – How our bodies can heal themselves, what self-beliefs have got to do with it and if there are really angels talking to us etc. The vision I saw in that treatment had come true within 3 years.

While I was telling my friend about my journey I realised that a lot of my greatest struggles had been gifts in disguise. I also realised that if I‘d listened to my intuition before, I wouldn’t have had to go through some of the pain.

I just wanted to remind you of two things here. You have no better guidance system than your gut feeling. All it needs is a little fine-tuning and practice sometimes. If something feels wrong although logic says it should be right, it’s probably wrong for you.
If something makes your heart sing… DO IT!
And also what ever your struggle is right now, there is always a silver lining and a miracle waiting within. Knowing and trusting that already wins half the battle.
You are always taken care off.

Book Tip
I am reading an astounding story at the moment and I can’t wait any longer to recommend Anita Moorjani’s DYING TO BE ME. In this powerful book Anita tells her journey from severe cancer to a near death experience to healing. The night she was admitted to hospital because her organs started failing, 20 lemon-sized tumours were found in her body and her family was prepared to say good-bye. Anita fell into a coma and had a near death experience and she describes how she saw everything from the doctors talking to her husband in another room to the in-between worlds, the light, where she realised what really had caused her condition and that she had a chance to go back an heal. She came back and in 3 days 70% of the cancer had disappeared, 5 weeks later she was cleared. No cancer was traceable in any of her cells. Something that apparently is clinically not possible. And yet here she is to share her story and her insights about this miraculous healing. Touching, gripping and immensely insightful.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday waiting for you and as always I send you

Much love.